Start Breathing Easy Again

Get a UV light air purifier installation in Wylie or Murphy, TX

We're living through scary times with new airborne disease strains springing up all over the place. That's why you should make sure you're breathing clean, safe air at home. Turn to Betz Heating & Air for UV light air purifier installation services in Murphy or Wylie, TX. We can install a state-of-the-art air purifier that uses ultraviolet light to zap airborne bacteria and viruses in your home.

Contact us today to schedule UV light installation services. We'll be glad to give you a free estimate.

3 great reasons to install a UV light air purifier

Betz Heating & Air installs UV light air purifiers in Wylie and Murphy, TX. These units can:

  • Remove dangerous viruses from your air
  • Keep biological growths from invading your air filters
  • Remove unpleasant odors from your home

Make sure your household is safe from winter infections. Reach out right away to arrange for UV light installation services.